Tesla's solar shingles

How Tesla’s New Solar Shingles Can Change the World

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Do you want to conserve your energy at night so that your electric bills don’t cost you your liver? Do you want to be able to help the environment by doing something so simple and easy that you aren’t only helping the environment but you are also benefited from your own actions? Then you will be amazed on how much help Tesla’s new solar shingles can do for you, your family and the environment.


This is all about energy, and you know how much energy is being used.


At night you will still be using energy to light up your front porch or to keep your refrigerator or air conditioning running. You cannot ignore the fact that you are always using energy.


You also cannot escape the fact that you need to pay for your energy usage at the end of the month. Besides that you are hurting the environment. Not just because you are using energy, but because of the methods that we use to bring about that energy to our homes.


Furthermore, a lot of that energy gets wasted, and it never makes it back to the original hub for further conservation and distribution. So, there is another method to bring energy to your home, Tesla’s method. It is very innovative and very easy for you to do and you will be amazed on how ingenious it is.


The idea is that instead of using the ordinary roof, you will be using a roof build by mini solar panels – shingle looking ones. This way, any time of the day the solar powered panel would be able to capture the energy of the sun and transform into energy for your house. With the whole new method of having energy, you will be able to save a lot of money, and you can help the environment. You will be able to get clean energy because the energy is clearly and cleanly from the sun and you wouldn’t have to worry about any blackouts because you have to the solar powered panel to help you.


When houses are like these, trees wouldn’t be cut to make way for the connection of electricity and because there will be more trees the world will be much cooler to live in. Global warming wouldn’t be a problem anymore because trees are growing excellently and you can have free energy. Animals wouldn’t be endangered because the trees are still around and you will be able to breathe in fresh air and a lot of the pollution will now lessen and it is all because you were able to have the Tesla’s new solar shingles.


You will never feel wrong when you know you are able to help the environment and the animal kingdom and also your bills when you have another clean way to gather energy for your home. With this whole new method of having energy, you wouldn’t have to worry about pollution or waste because the solar panels are your roof which means there will be a direct line for you to receive the clean energy from the sun. A solar powered panel truly is the way to have the energy that you need.

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