Choosing The Right Front Door

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Steel VS Wood VS Fiberglass

The front door to your house or your office is the very first thing anyone sees. It is what makes up for majority of the first impression one gets about you your property, when they visit you. It can be the usual plain wooden door or something more interesting and unique. You can show the world a little bit of your personality through your front door.


The major options one can go for are the steel door, wooden door or fiberglass door. Each of these doors has its own share of pros and cons. They can look ordinary or can be designed to look extra ordinary.

Steel Door


Steel door can be a good choice for those who value safety over design and uniqueness. Canadian Choice offers some sturdy and beautifully designed steel front doors. If you live around Ottawa, we highly recommend their products.

The Good

  • Steel doors are the strongest doors available in the market.
  • They won’t shrink or crack like the wooden doors
  • Easy to clean and dents can be repaired in no time

The Bad

  • If scratched through galvanization, it can rust and the door will have to be fully replaced in sometime
  • Cannot have any carvings or details like in wooden doors
  • Cannot be broken down in case of emergencies

Fiberglass Door

These are affordable choice for those who want something different and fancy.

The Good

  • Very versatile as they come in multiple textures like that mimic wooden door grains. You can also fit in decorative glass
  • Very easy to clean as all you need is some soap and a sponge
  • Durable as it does not crack or shrink like wooden doors. It does not get scratched or rusted like steel doors either
  • Maintains the temperature within the house, keeps the excess cold or heat away

The Bad

  • Security wise, these doors are not sufficient as a door fitted with glass can be broken down easily
  • These doors are on the expensive side, when compared to wood and steel
  • If the glass fitted in the door gets chipped or damaged, the entire panel will have to be changed.

Wooden Door

These are the classic front door choice for eons. Need ideas about your wood door? Check out this Pinterest post.

The Good

  • Can be beautifully carved with minute details to look unique and classy
  • Comes in different grains, and can be matched with rest of the house
  • The color of the door can be changed easily at any time and does not require much time
  • Is sturdy and cannot be broken down easily, thus offering very good security
  • Maintains the temperature within the room, effectively

The Bad

  • Will expand and contract with change in weather
  • Can crack or get damaged over a period of time
  • Requires high maintenance like regular dusting and polishing to maintain the shine and

The front door to your house is more than just a door.  It is also the protective barrier erected between your family and the outside world. Hence, choosing the right front door is very important and one should pay attention to various aspects before finalizing on a door.

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