Prevent Ice And Frost From Damaging Your Windows

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Living a healthy life is not always about diets and physical exercise. There are a lot of factors, big and small that affect us throughout our day that can have a positive or negative affect on our health. Especially when it comes to mental health.

I was shopping for some windows replacement for my home recently. As I was researching about different products, different U-values, and other stuff I know very little about, I came across some interesting articles. Namely, articles that explained the health values of certain home renovations.

My windows have condensation, and they are drafty. In general, they are old windows, 30+ years, I think. It was not until I started looking for replacement options that I realized how miserable these windows made me feel.

Every morning I would wake up, turn up the thermostat (because of the draft), and wipe some water off the floors (because of the condensation and the fact that the sealed units have failed). In addition to that, new windows have the ability to let in more light, but also less ultraviolet rays. Something that is directly associated with your mental health.

Windows and Doors Replacement Could Save You From The Ruins Of Condensation

With the cheer and celebration that this festive season brings along, there are a few other factors that could potentially damage parts of your house and ruin your celebratory mode. Ice and frost on window panes are better known as window condensation. Window condensation could be of two types; interior and exterior.

If you have older windows, excess moisture could lead to expensive and at times irreparable damages to your home. How could you possibly prevent ice and frost from ruining your beautiful home? Read a few effective tips listed below:

Preventing interior condensation


Interior condensation can be caused by excessive moisture inside the house. Replaceing your windows and doors in Winnipeg can often be a good solution to this problem. However, the installation of new vinyl windows does not always solve the problem. Often times, you might have to lower down the thermostat.

  • Eliminate the moisture

If you feel that excess moisture is causing the buildup of frost and ice outside your window panes, you can purchase a moisture eliminating product. These products can be used in your bathroom, kitchen or closets to remove excess moisture from inside the home.

  • Switch off the humidifier

A lot of parents use humidifiers in their baby’s nursery. It can release moisture and cause window condensation. If switching it off is not an option, you can at least turn it down so that it releases lesser moisture and reduce condensation.

  • Raising home temperature

When you raise the temperature of your house, you are also heating up the window pane that in turn reduces condensation. You can also use curtains, blinds, drapes etc to heat up the window panes.

  • Air circulation

When you allow proper air circulation through your windows, it will significantly reduce the condensation on the window panes. The fans inside the house should be ideally rotating in the clockwise direction so that warm air is pushed back from the ceiling to the floor.

  • Weather stripping

When you add weather stripping to the window panes, you are not only reducing the chances of condensation but also making your home more energy efficient. Warm air is trapped inside your home and your window panes are relieved of interior condensation.

Buying window insulation kits

Window insulation kits could be quite effective when it comes to dealing with interior as well as exterior condensation. They will also help reduce energy costs when you install them outside the window panes by cutting down your heating and cooling bills.

Replacing windows and window panes

When condensation takes place between window panes and ice and frost are making life difficult for you, the healthiest option you could avail is windows and doors replacement. The first thing you can begin with is by replacing the glass units. However, the possibility of replacement depends on the age, type and manufacturer of the original window pane.

In a few cases where the glass units cannot be replaced, an entire replacement of the windows might be required. This will be more effective for old windows.

Why is it required?

For people who wonder why windows and doors replacement is considered quintessential to home improvement need to understand how a rotten window sill not only looks ugly but also weakens the structure of your house. If the problem can be fixed in the initial days, it will neither stretch your budget nor cause your window panes to fall out.



Choosing The Right Front Door

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Steel VS Wood VS Fiberglass

The front door to your house or your office is the very first thing anyone sees. It is what makes up for majority of the first impression one gets about you your property, when they visit you. It can be the usual plain wooden door or something more interesting and unique. You can show the world a little bit of your personality through your front door.


The major options one can go for are the steel door, wooden door or fiberglass door. Each of these doors has its own share of pros and cons. They can look ordinary or can be designed to look extra ordinary.

Steel Door


Steel door can be a good choice for those who value safety over design and uniqueness. Canadian Choice offers some sturdy and beautifully designed steel front doors. If you live around Ottawa, we highly recommend their products.

The Good

  • Steel doors are the strongest doors available in the market.
  • They won’t shrink or crack like the wooden doors
  • Easy to clean and dents can be repaired in no time

The Bad

  • If scratched through galvanization, it can rust and the door will have to be fully replaced in sometime
  • Cannot have any carvings or details like in wooden doors
  • Cannot be broken down in case of emergencies

Fiberglass Door

These are affordable choice for those who want something different and fancy.

The Good

  • Very versatile as they come in multiple textures like that mimic wooden door grains. You can also fit in decorative glass
  • Very easy to clean as all you need is some soap and a sponge
  • Durable as it does not crack or shrink like wooden doors. It does not get scratched or rusted like steel doors either
  • Maintains the temperature within the house, keeps the excess cold or heat away

The Bad

  • Security wise, these doors are not sufficient as a door fitted with glass can be broken down easily
  • These doors are on the expensive side, when compared to wood and steel
  • If the glass fitted in the door gets chipped or damaged, the entire panel will have to be changed.

Wooden Door

These are the classic front door choice for eons. Need ideas about your wood door? Check out this Pinterest post.

The Good

  • Can be beautifully carved with minute details to look unique and classy
  • Comes in different grains, and can be matched with rest of the house
  • The color of the door can be changed easily at any time and does not require much time
  • Is sturdy and cannot be broken down easily, thus offering very good security
  • Maintains the temperature within the room, effectively

The Bad

  • Will expand and contract with change in weather
  • Can crack or get damaged over a period of time
  • Requires high maintenance like regular dusting and polishing to maintain the shine and

The front door to your house is more than just a door.  It is also the protective barrier erected between your family and the outside world. Hence, choosing the right front door is very important and one should pay attention to various aspects before finalizing on a door.

Tesla's solar shingles

How Tesla’s New Solar Shingles Can Change the World

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Do you want to conserve your energy at night so that your electric bills don’t cost you your liver? Do you want to be able to help the environment by doing something so simple and easy that you aren’t only helping the environment but you are also benefited from your own actions? Then you will be amazed on how much help Tesla’s new solar shingles can do for you, your family and the environment.


This is all about energy, and you know how much energy is being used.


At night you will still be using energy to light up your front porch or to keep your refrigerator or air conditioning running. You cannot ignore the fact that you are always using energy.


You also cannot escape the fact that you need to pay for your energy usage at the end of the month. Besides that you are hurting the environment. Not just because you are using energy, but because of the methods that we use to bring about that energy to our homes.


Furthermore, a lot of that energy gets wasted, and it never makes it back to the original hub for further conservation and distribution. So, there is another method to bring energy to your home, Tesla’s method. It is very innovative and very easy for you to do and you will be amazed on how ingenious it is.


The idea is that instead of using the ordinary roof, you will be using a roof build by mini solar panels – shingle looking ones. This way, any time of the day the solar powered panel would be able to capture the energy of the sun and transform into energy for your house. With the whole new method of having energy, you will be able to save a lot of money, and you can help the environment. You will be able to get clean energy because the energy is clearly and cleanly from the sun and you wouldn’t have to worry about any blackouts because you have to the solar powered panel to help you.


When houses are like these, trees wouldn’t be cut to make way for the connection of electricity and because there will be more trees the world will be much cooler to live in. Global warming wouldn’t be a problem anymore because trees are growing excellently and you can have free energy. Animals wouldn’t be endangered because the trees are still around and you will be able to breathe in fresh air and a lot of the pollution will now lessen and it is all because you were able to have the Tesla’s new solar shingles.


You will never feel wrong when you know you are able to help the environment and the animal kingdom and also your bills when you have another clean way to gather energy for your home. With this whole new method of having energy, you wouldn’t have to worry about pollution or waste because the solar panels are your roof which means there will be a direct line for you to receive the clean energy from the sun. A solar powered panel truly is the way to have the energy that you need.

How to start living a healthy life?

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How can you live a more healthy life?

It is never too late to start living a healthier life. One thing you should not take for granted in the beginning is, time duration. Living a healthy life is a marathon not a spring. You need to understand that it is not about eating one piece of fruit for 3 days and then calling it a healthy life. Here, we are talking about adjusting your entire lifestyle to a healthier regime; and this takes time. To be and live healthy, you will have to commit yourself every day, until it becomes a habit.

There are some things that you can start today, to make your life healthier as well!

The very first step of beginning your healthy life, is to check the current status of your health. To do to his, you will have to make an appointment with your doctor and dentist, get a routine screening, and while you are at the doctor, feel free to ask anything. Get your blood tested, to begin with, and see what vitamins you are low on.

Once you know which vitamins your body is lacking, you can start planning your meals. It will take some digging on the internet to map out foods that are reach on certain vitamins and minerals. However, it will be worth the time.

Measure your body size. Check your height and weight, and from those you can see your BMI (Body Mass Index). Make sure you note these, because this will be important, when you are comparing your sizes from now, and a few months later!

Use this BMI calculator to start with. Having a healthy physique is a key to having a healthier body.

Ask yourself, how much physical activity you do daily? What kind of activity is it? And least but not last, how much do you enjoy it? Studies shows that a healthy adult should get at least 2,5 hours of physical activity in a week, or strengthening activities at least twice a week. This is the bear minimum.

Start planning evening walks around your home. Walk for 30 minutes ever evening before dinner, or in the morning before work. You can even hit the gym for a quick work out. Remember, we are not talking about transforming you into an athlete. These are just the first steps to a healthier YOU.

Make sure you eat healthy. The easiest thing to do to keep a check on yourself, is to write down everything you eat, and don’t cheat. Remember, that this is something you do for yourself, not for someone else.

How will you know if you are eating healthy? Go to a dietitian and get them to make a meal plan for you. Or, if this option is expensive, research healthy foods on the internet. There is tons of good and free information regarding healthy foods. There is also a lot of info about mixing foods. Since, some foods should not be mixed with others.

Are you feeling alright? Check if your emotional wellness is okay, and you don’t feel tired. If you are experiencing depression or anxiety, consult with your therapist. Do you sleep good, 7-8 hours a day?

Don’t trust people who say “I will sleep when I am dead”. You need at least 7 hours of good sleep every night for your brain to function normally. This also helps avoid depressions.

Set weekly goals for yourself. If you want to achieve long term success, you will have to set smaller goals like going to the gym twice a week, eating more vegetables, and things like that, and not instantly loosing 30 pounds, because that is not going to happen, and it will demotivate you.

Put activity in your day. If you don’t feel like it, don’t do one hour of training per day, do ten minutes. Or do 5 sets of exercises, 10 reps each. For example, do 10 squads, 10 jumps, 10 push-ups, 10 sit ups and 10 squad jumps. This is not going to get you a six pack. But it will get you off your butt and being active.

Remember, we are trying to create an active regime for you at this point. You want to ease your brain into a healthier lifestyle. It is never a good idea to jump from one extreme to another.

If you managed to do 10 minutes of exercising each day for 7 days, start doing 12 minutes the following week. Keep you goals reasonable and within reach so you do not get discouraged. Start from the bottom, and work your way to the top!

One core element of living a healthy life, is eating healthy foods. This means that you must give up the “I should” attitude, and replace it with “I must”. You must eat vegetables instead of sugary products. A very good thing to fit into your diet is super foods. These foods are fruit and vegetables that are full of vitamins and packed with nutrients, and very good for your health. You can even make some healthy cheat meal smoothies of these foods, what are great day starters, or just a good meal to enjoy after a hard day.

Stay tuned on our blog for more healthy tips.